Flameport Electrical - Electric Gate Repairs and Maintenance

Electric gate installations require regular inspections and maintenance - every year as an absolute minimum, and more frequently for most installations.


gate safeElectric gate installations require regular inspections to ensure they are operating safely.

A working gate is not necessarily a safe gate. Safety devices may have failed, or were configured incorrectly when installed. Older installations may not have required safety devices fitted. Mechanical parts wear out. In some instances, the design of the gate itself can result in danger as it opens or closes.

All electric gates should be inspected at least once per year. More frequent inspections are required for gates which are used often, such as those on the entrance to an apartment block or office complex.

To arrange an inspection for an existing electric gate installation in Dorset, please contact me.


Regardless of who originally installed it, or what components are presently installed, most existing gate installations can be repaired.
A selection of devices which can be installed or replaced if necessary:

Many other repairs are available including control box replacement, cabling, wiring and other electrical items such as lighting.

Upgrades to Older Installations

Many older gate installations do not have essential safety devices to prevent people being trapped or crushed by the moving gate.

As a minimum, electric gates should have two types of safety device fitted. Typically these are photocells to detect obstacles in the gate area, and safety edges on the moving gates themselves.

Older gates are not exempt from being safe - any gate can trap, injure or even kill people if it is lacking safety devices.
Fortunately, almost all older installations can be upgraded with modern safety devices.

For an initial inspection, survey or quote for upgrades, please contact me.