Flameport Electrical - Electrical Installation Condition Report (EICR)

Inspection and testing of an existing installation.

These prices apply to single phase domestic installations with up to 15 circuits.

One circuit is the wiring connected to a single fuse, circuit breaker, RCBO or AFDD in a consumer unit or fusebox. RCDs and isolator switches do not count as circuits.
For installations with more than one consumer unit, the number of circuits is the total of all circuits in all consumer units.

Visual Inspection

Price: £70.00

Visual inspection, written report on the number and condition of sockets, switches, light fittings and other equipment in each room. Photos included. Basic tests to confirm supply voltage and earth loop impedance at the origin and a selection of points in the installation.

This is suggested for an initial inspection on a property you are considering purchasing to determine what (if any) electrical work may be required. It is NOT suitable to confirm the safety of the installation - one of the EICR options below is required for that.
This price also applies where an EICR is arranged but it quickly becomes apparent that the installation is life expired and requires complete replacement. The most likely example of this being where VIR (rubber) or lead covered wiring is found, which indicates the installation is over 60 years old.

This typically takes less than an hour, and power does not need to be switched off.

Standard EICR

Price: £120.00 for the first 4 circuits, plus £15.00 for each additional circuit

Visual inspection of all accessible sockets, switches, light fittings and other fixed equipment.
Inspection of wiring connected to a representative sample of sockets, switches and light fittings.
Testing of all circuits including (where applicable): protective conductor continuity, ring conductor continuity, insulation resistance, polarity, earth electrode, residual current devices. Loop impedance will be tested at locations where practical, such as socket outlets and accessible ceiling roses.
Confirmation and testing of supply earth loop impedance, voltage, prospective fault current, main protective bonding, supplementary bonding and whether conductive parts in locations such as bathrooms are extraneous or not.

Written report including inspection and test results, with photos of non-compliant items.

This will involve the power being switched off for at least one hour, longer for larger installations.

Extended EICR

Price: £180.00 for the first 4 circuits, plus £30.00 for each additional circuit

Includes everything on the standard EICR, plus removal and inspection of 100% of accessories. This will take significantly longer as it involves removing all of the sockets, switches, light fittings and other items to inspect the wiring connected to them.

Note that in some cases removing items may result in minor damage to walls or ceilings. Examples are where the springs on recessed ceiling downlights chip the edge of the hole in the ceiling, sockets/switches which have been painted or plastered around, or where items have been glued or fixed in place using inappropriate materials.

This will involve the power being switched off for several hours. Larger installations may require 2 days.

Other types of installation

For other installations including:

please contact me. A fixed price quote can be provided once your requirements have been identified.

Prices updated 8 February 2020 and include VAT.