Construction of a CNC Router

This series of videos covers the assembly of a CNC router from individual components.

In this section

CNC router component overview
Overview of the components which will be used to build ths CNC router.

CNC stepper motors and extending wires
Stepper motors for the CNC build and extending the motor wiring with CY cable.

CNC control cabinet mechanical assembly
Mechanical assembly of the CNC control cabinet.

CNC control cabinet electrical assembly
Electrical assembly of the control cabinet for the CNC router project.

CNC motor installation and movement
Installing the stepper motors and spindle for the CNC router, powering on for the first time.

CNC limit and home switches
Installing, wiring and configuring six limit switches for the end limits and home positions..

CNC Panel buttons and spindle control
Wiring buttons on the control panel, adding script for the button functions and installint wiring for spindle control.