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This site is maintained by John Ward.
Flameport Electrical is a trading name of Flameport Enterprises Ltd.

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Flameport Enterprises Ltd.
Registered in England 05175498
VAT registration GB 909 8339 86


26 Recreation Road
BH12 2EB

Email and Telephone

Items shown in the museum section of this website are NOT for sale.
They are photographed for historical purposes only.
Many were disposed of years ago, some belong to other people, others are still installed in their original locations and what's left is in storage.
If you want any of them your only options are sites like eBay, or rummaging through skips outside buildings being refurbished.

Telephone 01202 798 465. 10am - 10pm, Monday - Saturday.

For electrical installation work, the primary area covered is Dorset, which is most of the BH and DT postcode areas.
Further details here.
Locations further away are generally not covered due to the excessive time and cost of travel, although there may be exceptions for more unusual projects.

Notice to anyone selling products and services

If you have something to sell, send details by postal mail.

I do NOT purchase any products or services via the telephone or email. I do not pay for adverts on calenders, posters, shop display boards or appointment cards. I will not be purchasing your overpriced toner cartridges, donating money to your ficticious charity, or requesting a free entry in your expensive business directory. Neither do I care about your free gifts, adverts in magazines which will never be published or winnings from competitions I didn't enter.

If you are selling home improvements such as windows, kitchens or conservatories, please note that the property is a rented underground cave on the 99th floor of a condemmed tower block.

If you are selling gas, electricity, telephone or other utilities, please note there is NO way you can save me any money. The entire process of changing supplier takes weeks or even months, inevitably results in mistakes by the companies concerned, and will cost me dozens of hours of wasted time.

If for some reason you are promoting financial 'services' such as high rate consolidation loans, methods to reclaim bank charges I never paid or ways to defraud the insurance industry by making claims for injuries no one ever sustained, please save time and report yourself to the relevant authorities before I do.

If you are selling shopping cart systems, accounting, invoicing, stock control or similar software, please note I have NO interest in these things whatsoever. Websites and other systems are all designed and maintained in-house, and have been since 1996. Thats right - years before your company even existed.

If you work for a company selling website design services, app creation or anything similar, do NOT contact me. As for SEO, marketing, social media and other intangibles - your company is the equivalent of a casino. Your customers always lose.