Electrical Theory and Regulations

This section contains information of electrical basic principles, wiring regulations, circuit design and more. As with the main Electrical section, this is applicable to the UK and UK wiring regulations. Other countries will be similar in many respects, but there will be important differences in some areas.


Basic Principles - Basic principles of electricity and electrical installations
Earthing & Bonding - Earthing, main protective bonding and supplementary bonding explained
Electric Lighting - Electric lighting in various forms, how they work and where they are used
Protective Devices - Fuses, circuit breakers, residual current devices and more

Most recent update - 4th August 2018

NEW Types of Circuit Breakers, B C D K and Z - Circuit breakers or MCBs and why there are different types are such as Type B and Type C. Covers the three most common types plus two others.

Previous update - 29th July 2018

Neutrals in AC electrical circuits - What a neutral wire is, how neutral is derived at the supply transformer and why a neutral wire isn't always safe.

Older update - 17th February 2018

Voltage, Current, Resistance & Power - Explanation of basic electrical terms voltage, current, resistance and power.

This section contains 17 pages of information.