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This contains all update posts since January 2011, grouped by year.
Although the electrical sections of this website were created from 2008 onwards, the previous website system did not have any means of recording updates.

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14th May 2019

These pages were added or updated:
Y Plan Heating with Unvented Cylinder and 2 Port Valve

11th May 2019

These pages were added or updated:
Installation Materials and Accessories
Metal Backboxes for Flush Mounting Accessories
Plastic Pattresses and Flush Plastic Backboxes
Clamp Meters Old and New
Loop Impedance and Fault Current

23rd April 2019

These pages were added or updated:
Table Lamp Assembly and Testing
Wiring two hanging metal bayonet lampholders
60W Tungsten Filament vs 8W LED Lamp
Dimmers and different types of lamp (LED, CFL, Incandescent)
Linked Lighting Circuit Fault

20th April 2019

These pages were added or updated:
Using steel conduit as the circuit protective conductor
BILL SL3D2 Street Lighting Cutout
Fire Hoods, Fire Rated Downlights and Loft Covers

7th April 2019: Autotransformer Refurbishment

Video series on refurbishing an old steel cased 2kVA autotransformer, plus some other small updates
Autotransformer Refurbishment
Overview Part 1
Theory and Demonstration Part 2
Rewiring and reassembly Part 3
Poole Dolphin Centre Lifts 2019
BS1361 and BS1362 5 amp Fuses

17th February 2019: Category changes and new AFDD pages

Several pages in the Electrical Theory section have been relocated, so that new ones on AFDDs can be added
AFDDs Arc Fault Detection Devices
Circuit Breakers MCBs
Residual Current Devices, RCDs
Initial Look at AFDDs Part 1
Initial Look at AFDDs Part 2
Initial Look at AFDDs Part 3
AFDD Documents and Marketing Materials