Electrical Equipment Repairs

Several examples of older electrical equipment and devices which have been saved from destruction by repairing them.

A few modern items are repaired, mainly where the repair is simple and quick to do. Unfortunately, much modern equipment is economically unrepairable as it is cheaper to simply buy another one.

IMPORTANT: Although these videos show the repair and refurbishment in some detail, they are NOT 'how to' videos as a fair amount of the process has been left out or abbreviated.


Burgess Bandsaw - Total teardown and subsequent reassembly of a 1970s Burgess BBS-20 bench top bandsaw
Claude Lyons Variac - Repair of an old Claude Lyons 8A variable transformer from the 1960s
Electric Clocks - Electric mains powered wall clocks
EMI Fan Heater - Repair and refurbishment of an old EMI Gramophone Company electric fan heater
Modern Repairs - Various modern pieices of electrical and electronic equipment are repaired
Tauco DP220 Bench Drill - Refurbishment of a 1942 Tauco (Delta) DP220 bench drill


Most recent update - 11th February 2018

NEW Modern Equipment Repairs - Various items of more recent electrical and electronic equipment is repaired, including those where actually paying for a repair would be more then th.
NEW Musical Keyboard PCB and Power Connector - A damaged PCB is fixed with glue, wire and resoldering the power connector. Plastic parts in the case are glued back into place..
NEW Fibre Optic Christmas Tree Base - The plastic tub base from a fibre optic Christmas tree is repaired.
NEW Hedge Cutter Flex Replacement - The flex on an electric hedge cutter is replaced after someone sliced through it rather than the hedge.
NEW McCulloch MB340 Shredder Repair - A new motor run capacitor is fitted to a McCulloch MB340 garden shredder.
NEW Acer Aspire E1 Keyboard Replacement - Video showing the process for removing and replacing the keyboard in an Acer Aspire E1 V5WE2 laptop.
NEW 12V Power Supply Repair - A small 12 volt power supply is repaired by replacing a single capacitor.

Previous update - 10th February 2018

Tauco (Delta) DP220 Bench Drill Refurbishment - An old Tauco DP220 bench drill from 1942 is examined and then fully refurbished..
Tauco (Delta) DP220 Overview and Dismantling - The Tauco DP220 bench drill is examined, switched on to see if it works, and then totally dismantled.
Tauco (Delta) DP220 Motor Starter Disassembly - The MEM Startet motor starter from the Tauco bench drill is taken apart - it is in very poor condition so will not be reused.
Tauco (Delta) DP220 Paint Colour and Electric Motor Testing - The final paint colour for the DP220 drill is revealed as metallic pink, and the motor is tested.
Tauco (Delta) DP220 Electric Motor Teardown - The electric motor from the DP220 drill is taken apart for cleaning and minor repairs.
MEM Auto-Memota Motor Starter Series 6 - A replacement motor starter is obtained for the Tauco drill, and the operation of the starter is explained in detail.
Tauco (Delta) DP220 Drill Final Reassembly - The drill is completed, however the original Jacobs chuck is damaged and cannot be used.

Older update - 1st April 2017

Burgess Bandsaw Cutting Metal - The BBS-20 and a fine pitch blade is used to cut some aluminium tubing.

This section contains 26 pages of information. Other items will be added as and when they are repaired.