Repairs to various modern pieces of equipment

Most of these repairs are of the type where it would not be worth paying for a repair - the items are so cheap that in most cases it is cheaper to buy a new one rather than attempt any kind of repair.

However many repairs are simple enough and reduce the amount of waste incurred by scrapping and purchasing a new device.


Musical Keyboard PCB and Power Connector
A damaged PCB is fixed with glue, wire and resoldering the power connector. Plastic parts in the case are glued back into place..

Fibre Optic Christmas Tree Base
The plastic tub base from a fibre optic Christmas tree is repaired.

Hedge Cutter Flex Replacement
The flex on an electric hedge cutter is replaced after someone sliced through it rather than the hedge.

McCulloch MB340 Shredder Repair
A new motor run capacitor is fitted to a McCulloch MB340 garden shredder.

Acer Aspire E1 Keyboard Replacement
Video showing the process for removing and replacing the keyboard in an Acer Aspire E1 V5WE2 laptop.

12V Power Supply Repair
A small 12 volt power supply is repaired by replacing a single capacitor.