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This website features electrical and related information, much of which is connected with my Youtube channel.

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Documentation - A selection of various electrical and related documents both old and new. (3 subcategories)

Don't Try At Home - Product teardowns, dangerous devices and various experiments. (3 subcategories)

Electrical Installations - This electrical information is intended for the UK only. (10 subcategories)

Electrical Museum - Old electrical items, dangerous installations and more.. (23 subcategories)

Electrical Testing - Electrical testing of installations and equipment, plus details on the equipment used. (3 subcategories)

Electrical Theory - Electrical theory and principles for electrical installations in the UK. (4 subcategories)

Equipment Repairs - Repair and refurbishment of old electrical devices. (4 subcategories)

Projects - Electrical, electronic and mechanical projects. (4 subcategories)

There are currently 407 pages in 54 different categories.

Latest Articles

17th April 2017

NEW These pages were added or updated:
Denis Ferranti TM3 electricity meter
CNC limit and home switches

3rd April 2017

These pages were added or updated:
Using Electroluminescent Wire for a display panel project
Electroluminescent Wire and Drivers
Making display panels with electroluminescent wire
Electroluminescent wire panels installed and working
Henley Lead Covered Wiring and Junction Box

2nd April 2017: New Projects category

New top level category for various projects both completed and in progress
Making a solder fume extractor filter
Construction of a CNC router
CNC router component overview
CNC stepper motors and extending wires
CNC control cabinet mechanical assembly
CNC control cabinet electrical assembly
CNC motor installation and movement
LED Disco Floodlight Build
Colour Changing LED Lamps
Rotating LED Lamps
1000 Watt energy wasting electric floodlight
Plastic Fresnel Lenses for magnification purposes

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