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This website features electrical and related information, much of which is connected with my Youtube channel.

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Documentation - A selection of various electrical and related documents both old and new. (3 subcategories)

Don't Try At Home - Product teardowns, dangerous devices and various experiments. (3 subcategories)

Electrical Installations - This electrical information is intended for the UK only. (10 subcategories)

Electrical Museum - Old electrical items, dangerous installations and more.. (23 subcategories)

Electrical Testing - Electrical testing of installations and equipment, plus details on the equipment used. (3 subcategories)

Electrical Theory - Electrical theory and principles for electrical installations in the UK. (4 subcategories)

Equipment Repairs - Repair and refurbishment of old electrical devices. (4 subcategories)

Projects - Electrical, electronic and mechanical projects. (4 subcategories)

There are currently 410 pages in 54 different categories.

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3rd September 2017

NEW These pages were added or updated:
Bill Crown 1 way metal switchfuse

21st August 2017

These pages were added or updated:
Sangamo Weston Model 12 Test Meter
CNC Panel buttons and spindle control

17th April 2017

These pages were added or updated:
Denis Ferranti TM3 electricity meter
CNC limit and home switches

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