Youtube Channel Information

I make videos every week for my Youtube channel, Most of those videos also have a page on this website with additional information.


Contributions to the running of the channel are entirely optional - all videos are free and will remain that way.

However for those that want to contribute, this can be done through Patreon, my username there is jwflame.
Patreon is designed for recurring monthly contributions of $1 or more. For single, one off contributions please use PayPal.

Sending stuff in

If you have an item which is appropriate for the channel and would make an interesting video, then please send it in.
Due to space limitations, large or oversize objects cannot be accepted. This generally means that if it can't be sent in the regular mail, it it too big. If unsure, email first.

Items which are appropriate include any mains powered items that:

Anything which would fit into the Museum section of this website is also welcome, mainly older electrical and related items which are examples of how things used to be done. However do check the website first as there is probably no point in sending a duplicate of something I already have.

Battery / USB powered electronic items are probably not suitable - there are plenty of other channels which cover those.

Legal and other important info


26 Recreation Road
BH12 2EB

Suggestions for videos

Any suggestions for new video content can be sent by email to There is no guarantee of when or even if a particular video will be made, but suggestions are always considered.

However please do NOT email about reviewing some dubious electronic gadget being sold on Amazon, writing fake reviews for products, joining your multi channel network or adding links to your Youtube channel which currently has 1 subscriber. Those things will not be happening.