The Museum of Old Electrical Items

These pages were originally part of the main Electrical section, but due to size and quantity they have been relocated to their own separate category.

All of the items featured here are old, obsolete and in most cases not available from anywhere. There are examples of how things used to be done - and plenty more where they were completely wrong in the first place.


Cables & Wiring - Old cables, clips, containment and other cable related items
Clock Connectors - Plug and socket pairs used exclusively for wall mounted electric clocks
Converters & Adaptors - Adaptors and converters to change one type of plug into another
Cooker controls - Wall mounted switches for permanently wired electric cookers
Danger and Doom - Failed and dangerous electrical installations
Earth Leakage CBs - Obsolete earth leakage circuit breakers
Fixed Appliances - A selection of old fixed electrical appliances
Fuseboxes - Fuseboxes and other ancient electrical equipment
Fuses & Fusewire - Old fuses, fuse wire and fuse related items
Lamps and Bulbs - Old lamps, light bulbs and illuminated indicators
Lighting Accessories - Old wall mounted light switches, ceiling roses, lampholders and ceiling pull cord switches
Meters and Cutouts - A selection of old electricity meters and cutouts
Plugs - BS1363 - BS1363 13A flat pin plugs
Plugs - BS372 - Old BS372 two pin unpolarised plugs in various sizes and styles
Plugs - BS52 Bayonet - Adaptors and plugs used to connect various appliances into a ceiling light
Plugs - Non Standard - Non standard 13A plugs and sockets based on BS1363
Plugs - Other 13A - Alternative 13A fused plugs for use on 30A ring final circuits
Plugs - Other Types - Unusual plugs for multiple types of socket outlet
Sockets - BS1363 - Old BS1363 socket outlets from various manufacturers
Switches & FCUs - Old switches for water heaters and other fixed appliances, both with fuses and without
Timeswitches - Time switches and time clocks for fixed and portable appliances
Tools & Equipment - Old electrical related tools, testing equipment and various other artefacts
Wylex Fuseboxes - Vintage Wylex fuse boxes, switches, circuit breakers, fuses and other related items


Most recent update - 10th November 2018

NEW Venner Time Switches - Video and photos of several different Venner time switches from the 1960s. Includes instructions for setting the solar dial models.

Previous update - 4th August 2018

Memera 3 with push button circuit breakers - A plastic 6 way Memera 3 consumer unit fitted with push button circuit breakers instead of fuses.

Older update - 29th July 2018

Sangamo Schlumberger Radio Teleswitch - A look inside a Sangamo Radio Teleswitch, a device used to switch electric heating and hot water loads in the UK via radio signals.

This section contains 243 pages of information.

Pages are added as and when we obtain items of interest, which is mainly when removing older equipment during refurbishment or renovation.
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About this museum

This is a virtual museum only. You can't visit or see them in person.

Wanting to buy something?

Everything here is old and obsolete. Items are not for sale, and even if they were it is usually impossible to install such things and comply with today's wiring regulations. In some cases, using old items like these would actually be dangerous.

If your home contains any of the items featured here, your electrical installation will require updating at the very least. If you have things such as rubber insulated wiring, circuits with no earth connection or double pole fuses, your electrical installation should have been completely replaced decades ago, and is very likely to be a serious hazard.