Time Switches and Time Clocks

Devices used to automatically switch electrical appliances on and off at predefined times.

In this section

TIMAC Automatic Electric Switch
Plastic cased electric time switch with brass dial designed to plug into a BS1363 13A socket outlet.

Horstmann Electrisave 10 immersion heater controller
Old Horstmann Electrisave electric immersion heater timer for use on an Economy 7 supply.

National Automatic Time Switch
Metal cased National automatic time switch with removable tappets. Unused in original box.

Smiths Autoset 24 Hour Timeswitch
Smiths Autoset mechanical time switch in plastic case with wall mounting bracket. Double Programme version..

AMF 7 day Time Switch
AMF Paragon 7 day timeswitch rated at 40 amps, 240 volts with 4 separate contacts.

AMF Poultry Lighting Time Switch
AMF Paragon timeclock for controlling lighting in poultry sheds.

Horstmann WSM timeswitch in cast metal case
Horstmann WSM 24 hour timeswitch with mercury contact.

Neff 24 hour Oven Clock
An older Neff 24 hour oven clock which incorrectly displays 2400 at midnight.