Various electrical, electronic and mechanical projects which have been completed or are underway.


CNC Router - Building a CNC router from component parts
Control Panel - Manufacture of a replacement control panel for a set of booster pumps
EL Wire Panels - A look at electroluminescent wire, how it is used and then making a series of display panels
Fume Extractor - Making a solder fume filter from various low cost components
LED Disco Light - An old 1000 watt floodlight is converted to a multicoloured flashing and rotating LED disco piece
LED Pixels - LED pixels and things made from them


Most recent update - 8th October 2018

NEW Making a replacement Pump Control Panel - A series of videos showing the manufacture and assembly of a replacement control panel for a set of water pumps.
NEW CNC Surface Planing a sheet of MDF - Cutting a perfectly flat surface on a piece of MDF using a 32mm cutter in a CNC router.
NEW CNC Engraving a control panel - Engraving and cutting a front panel for a pump control system using a CNC router.
NEW 22mm LED Panel Indicators and Rotary Switches - A look at some 22mm LED panel indicators and rotary switch assemblies for use in the pump control panel.
NEW Completed pump control panel and description of how it works - The completed control panel is tested and shown installed in the cabinet, with a description of the operation.

Previous update - 2nd April 2018

CNC Jog Buttons, Parts and Costs - Details of the components used for the CNC build and where they were obtained from..
Drilling the CNC table for threaded inserts - Using the CNC machine to drill holes in it's own table so that threaded inserts can be installed.
Using Fusion 360 to create a drilling pattern for the CNC machine - Creating the table drilling design and machine file using Fusion 360.

Older update - 17th February 2018

LED Pixels and Signs - An overview of LED WS2811 pixels, and making signs from them.

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