Various electrical, electronic and mechanical projects which have been completed or are underway.


CNC Router - Building a CNC router from component parts
EL Wire Panels - A look at electroluminescent wire, how it is used and then making a series of display panels
Fume Extractor - Making a solder fume filter from various low cost components
LED Disco Light - An old 1000 watt floodlight is converted to a multicoloured flashing and rotating LED disco piece


Most recent update - 17th April 2017

NEW CNC limit and home switches - Installing, wiring and configuring six limit switches for the end limits and home positions..

Previous update - 3rd April 2017

Using Electroluminescent Wire for a display panel project - A video series on electroluminescent wire and an example of how it can be used to create decorative panels.
Electroluminescent Wire and Drivers - Introduction to electroluminescent wire, how it works and how to use it.
Making display panels with electroluminescent wire - Making a set of outdoor display panels with electroluminescent wire and 12V drivers.
Electroluminescent wire panels installed and working - The EL wire panels are completed and shown here installed and working outside at night.

Older update - 2nd April 2017

Making a solder fume extractor filter - Making a solder fume extractor and filter from various low cost components.
Construction of a CNC router - Multiple part video series on constructing a CNC router from component parts.
CNC router component overview - Overview of the components which will be used to build ths CNC router.
CNC stepper motors and extending wires - Stepper motors for the CNC build and extending the motor wiring with CY cable.
CNC control cabinet mechanical assembly - Mechanical assembly of the CNC control cabinet.
CNC control cabinet electrical assembly - Electrical assembly of the control cabinet for the CNC router project.
CNC motor installation and movement - Installing the stepper motors and spindle for the CNC router, powering on for the first time.
LED Disco Floodlight Build - Converting an old 1000W halogen floolight to a flashing, rotating, multicoloured LED monstrosity.
Colour Changing LED Lamps - Cheap Chinese colour changing LED lamps.
Rotating LED Lamps - More cheapo lamps with fixed LEDs and a rotating plastic lens on top.
1000 Watt energy wasting electric floodlight - An old halogen floodlight which uses a 1000 watt lamp for maximum power wastage.
Plastic Fresnel Lenses for magnification purposes - A quantity of plastic Fresnel lenses originally intended for magnification of books and newspapers.
LED Disco Light Final Build and Demonstration - The LED disco light is constructed, tested and demonstrated outside at night.

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