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These pages contain a variety of electrical information. Topics are being added and expanded regularly, so even if you have seen some pages before, there is probably something new.

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13A / BS1363 Plugs - Wiring plugs and what not to do with them
Cables and Wiring - Electrical cables and wires of various types
Central Heating - Wiring details for central heating controls
Consumer Units - Consumer units and the items contained within, including circuit breakers, RCDs and RCBOs.
Installation Inspections - Examples of actual electrical installations and various problems encountered
Lamps & Lighting - Details of various lighting equipment including different types of lamps and luminaires
Lighting Circuits - Diagrams and methods of wiring lighting circuits
Saving Electricity - How to make savings for little or no cost
Socket Outlet Circuits - Wiring details for various types of socket outlet
Steel Conduit - Using and installing steel electrical conduit including threading, bending and the tools required
Supply Types - Incoming electricity supplies

Most recent update - 29th July 2018

NEW Electrical steel conduit, overview of components and tools - An overview of electrical steel conduit including the components typically used and the tools required for installing it.
NEW Steel conduit for electrical installations - A series on electrical steel conduit as used in the UK, covering tools, components, bending, threading and installing it.
NEW Cutting and threading steel conduit for electrical installations - How to cut steel conduit to length and the process of cutting threads on the ends to allow connection to boxes and other fittings.

Previous update - 13th July 2018

Multiple lights from a single switch - Adding one or more extra lights so that they are all controlled from a single switch.

Older update - 31st March 2016

Consumer Units - Consumer units as typically installed in dwellings including the items contained within.
Dual RCD Consumer Units - A moulded plastic dual RCD consumer unit from 2015. This example has 6 outgoing circuits and is manufactured by British General.
Fitting an RCBO in a consumer unit - A look at an RCBO and how it is fitted into a typical consumer unit.
Mains Supply and Consumer Unit - Inside a Crabtree split load consumer unit from 2007, plus a look at the incoming electricity supply arrangements.
Steel Wire Armoured cable - Steel wire armoured cable including how to strip and prepare the ends and installation of a brass CW gland.
Cables and Wiring - Different types of cable and wire as used in electrical installations in the UK.
Twin and Earth flat wiring cables - Flat twin and earth cables as commonly used on smaller domestic and commercial electrical installations in the UK.
Main Switch consumer unit - Inside a very untidy example of a main switch consumer unit containing RCBOs and one MCB.

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Before working on any electrical circuits, switch off the power at the main fusebox or consumer unit, and confirm that the circuit is dead. DO NOT assume anything - faulty wiring or previous bodges could result in unexpected live wires.

Never work on a live circuit - it could easily kill you, or someone else in your family.


The information here relates to electrical wiring in the United Kingdom only. This is very important, as other countries will have different methods, standards and regulations for electrical work.

Part P

Part P is a section of the Building Regulations covering electrical work in England and Wales. While DIY work is still allowed, there are additional requirements to consider before starting any electrical work in your home. For further details, please see the Part P page.

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